Dossier/ ph. Skye Parrott
19th Jan 201421:465 notes
1st Jun 201303:35
dreaming of scandinavian forests…
Ph: Unseen gardens, la maison de Dior
24th May 201318:05
obsessed with Norwegian woods & Finnish forests right now
Ph: George Mobley via Nat Geo
12th May 201319:32
summertime is cupcake time :D
aren’t these rose ones lovely?
(via Sadie Rose)
12th May 201316:14
Favourite font of the moment: Adobe Caslon Pro
31st Mar 201322:47
(all)zone shophouse transformation, BKK
30th Mar 201316:49
Currently obsessed with James Rossant’s cluster housing at Reston, VR at the moment, such rational yet beautiful architecture!
24th Mar 201318:25
Reindeer (Ph: Sharon Montrose)
Would love to buy her print one day for my home.
24th Mar 201311:45
Shoreline Study 2, from helicopter
Ph: Antoine Rose
24th Mar 201311:38
Opaque  by  andbamnan